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Heads up
The "APRIL ALL IN" Heads Up Tournamnet continued today with more amazing heads up play!  Second Round matches were held at Clicks Billiards and R Place Bar & Grill.  Once again the tension was thick while players waited for their matches to begin.  As soon as they were seated the deer in the headlights looks vanished and the "poker faces" came out.  When the dust settled we had our final 32 players along with some advancing to the SWEET 16 (some of them chose to play their 3rd round matches since their opponent was already at the venue). 

The matches at Clicks included another "Barn Burner" between 2011 National Co-Champion Derek "Goose" Harrington and Daniel Ross.  Derek was able to avoid many of Daniel's traps by laying down big hands when he sensed that he was beat. In the end Derek went card dead and with the blinds continuing to raise was forced all in with very few outs.  This match lasted around 3 hours. 

In other action at Clicks we saw our first #1 seed eliminated when Anthony Llamas outlasted 2013 Player of the Year Beverly Calk.  Misty Geiser Advanced over Joe Kimpton in a close one.  Sean Wade was able to defeat David York in yet another tough battle.  Aimee Birch, David Taddiken and Una Byrnes advanced to the 3rd Round with forfeits.  Anthony Llamas then defeated Aimee Birch and Sean Wade defeated Misty Geiser to advance to the SWEET 16!

Most of the matches at R Place were also very close throughout.  Carrie Schneider got past Jo Jo Kleinsmith after a back and forth battle.  Mary Ann Grinnell eliminated our second Tournament Director when she took out David Stephenson.  Charles Nicolai was very impressive in his win over Gaye Diederich.  Don Rock took the first game by whittling away at Richard Fox and was the recipient of some good luck on the final hand of game 2 when Richard went all in with A-K off suit and Don, with a much larger chip stack called with A-5 suited.  When the cards were turned over Richard said "I have a bad feeling about this one" and sure enough Don caught a straight on the river!  Marty Burries looked very comfortable in the heads up format eliminating Michelle Zinman by winning in 2 games in our shortest contest of the evening.  Linda Dryja, Jimmy Camp and Brandy Hicks all advanced to the 3rd round with forfeits.  
We have attached the updated brackets below.  Once again, we would like to THANK ALL of our loyal players that qualfied for this special event for continuing to support our FREE Poker League and our host venues!  We wish ALL of the remaining players GOOD LUCK/SKILL in their upcoming matches!  Action continues this Saturday at Clicks Billiards and Sunday at Famous Sam's (Pima & Alvernon)  At the condlusion of those matches we will have our Elite 8 which will be on April 25th at Clicks Billiards and April 26th at Famous Sam's (Pima & Alvernon)
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Great News Players!
Clicks Billiards (3325 N. 1st Ave) has always appreciated our loyal players, and now it is getting even better!  Starting in May 2015, $5 from every billable table during the month will be set aside towards a prize pool for a monthly tournament.  To qualify for this special event you must have a minimum of 100 Poker Pub points or participate in at least 5 tournaments at Clicks Billiards during the month.  The more points you accummulate during the month, the more chips you will start with for the Monthly Cash Payout Tournament.  We will also be setting up a low top table for players who find the high top tables uncomfortable.
Come out and support Clicks Billiards while you earn your points so that you can play for your share of this GREAT PRIZE!!!!
GOOD LUCK/SKILL at the Clicks Customer Appreciation Monthly Tournament and don't forget to ..."GO ALL IN!" 
heads up
The "APRIL ALL IN" Heads Up Tournament started off with a bang this week!   The play in rounds were held on Tuesday and Wednesday with 2nd Round action beginning in earnest on Thursday at Clicks Billiards!  There were a few forfeits early, however once the action started we witnessed some great heads up play!  Some of the players that received 2nd Round byes decided to go ahead and play their 3rd Round matches since their opponent was already at the venue.

The tension in the air was palpable before the matches started.  Once the cards were in the air the players settled in and looked right at home.  Most of the matches were very tightly contested.  The only exception was Timothy Calk's 2-0 victory over our own John Fleisch-Fresser.  In the first game Timothy flopped a couple of flushes and slow played them nicely allowing him to cripple John's stack early.  In the second game both players were all in pre-flop with John needing to catch a 9 when his pocket 9's were up against Tim's pocket Kings and three 7's on the flop.  No help from the turn and river and Timothy advanced to the Sweet 16.
RC Leonard defeated Debbie McCracken in a close match that lasted about 90 minutes by using well timed aggression and catching better cards for most of the match.  
Peter Spooner defeated Elizabeth Webb 2-1 by laying down pocket Q's twice after Elizabeth made big bets on the flop, and on the final hand caught a flush with his A-J suited against Elizabeth's A-10 offsuit.  
We also witnessed a "Barn Burner" between Judy O'Brien and Alicia Maloney.  Alicia took an early 1-0 lead by whittling away at Judy's stack with well timed raises.  Judy came back and took the 2nd game in much the same fashion that Alicia had taken the first one.  In game 3 both players traded the chip lead for over an hour!  With the blinds at 1000-2000 Judy caught a 9 on the flop with Q-9 in her hand and Alicia holding Q-J.  No Jack came and Judy advanced to the Sweet 16!  Their match lasted 3 hours!

 We have attached the updated bracket below! CONGRATULATIONS to Cherry Van Dyke, RC Leonard, Timothy Calk, Peter Spooner, Jessica House and Judy O'Brien for advancing to the SWEET 16!
heads up
We would like to THANK ALL of our loyal players that qualfied for this special event for continuing to support our FREE Poker League and our host venues!  We wish ALL of the remaining players GOOD LUCK/SKILL in their upcoming matches!  Action continues on Friday at Clicks Billiards and R Place Bar & Grill!  Check the attachment below to see if you are qualified for this event and don't forget to ..."GO ALL IN!"
Ryan & Josh
Ryan Weyker and Josh Henry
CONGRATULATIONS to the WINNERS of the $1000 Picker's Locksmith ~ R Place Bar & Grill Bounty Challenge FINALS!
Ryan Josh Dayne Mike
This was a grueling 2 day tournament. After about 6 hours of play on day 2 the four remaining players decided to chop the prize money based on their current chip stacks.  Ryan Weyker had over 400k in chips and took home $400!  Josh Henry had around 250k in chips and took home $300!  Dayne Downey had around 150k in chips and took home $200 and Mike Smith had around 75k in chips and took home $100!  Not a bad payday for FREE Poker!  
After the money was chopped they played it out to determine the WINNER of the all important bragging rights!  Mike went card dead and was quickly eliminated with his short stack (blinds were at 5 & 10K with a 700 ante) Dayne put up a good fight re-raising the big stacks and taking down some pots a few times before finally being eliminated.  With the blinds at 10 & 20K and a 1k ante Josh made a big raise a few hands into heads up play and was re-raised all in by Ryan.  Josh went into the tank and finally made the call. The cards were turned over and Ryan had A-Q offsuit against Josh's K-8 suited.  An 8 in the window and no help from the turn and river and we had a new chip leader.  The heads up battle lasted another 20 minutes before Josh took the last pot with an A-9 offsuit.  We witnessed some amazing poker play on Saturday and Sunday and of course a fair share of bad beats!  

Final Table

WINNER ~ Josh Henry = $300 CASH along with a Seat at Nationals!
2nd Place ~ Ryan Weyker = $400 CASH along with a Seat at Nationals!
3rd Place ~ Dayne Downey = $200 CASH along with a Seat at Nationals!
4th Place ~ Mike Smith = $100 CASH along with a Seat at Nationals!
5th Place (Money Bubble) ~ Aimee Birch = Lodging and Seat at Nationals!
6th Place ~ Misty Geiser = Seat at Nationals!
7th Place ~ Don Rock = Seat at Nationals!
8th Place ~ John Fleisch-Fresser = Seat at Nationals!
9th Place ~ Natasha Miller = Seat at Nationals!
Final Table Bubble ~ David York = $25 Gift Certificate to RJ's Replays!
 Kim Steve & Josh
Kim & Steve Matske with Josh Henry

We would like to THANK the owners of Picker's Locksmith Service LLC, Steve & Kim Matske for supplying the CASH Payout for this special event!  Make sure you contact them for any of your locksmith needs and refer your friends at 520-310-2580 or info@pickerslock.com. Mention The Poker Pub and receive a 10% Discount on Services!  
We would also like to THANK Donna Warren and R Place Bar & Grill for hosting this amazing event!  Special THANKS to ALL of the players that played at and supported R Place for the last 5 months to qualify for this event!

Stay tuned to the website for other great events and as always, THANKS for supporting your venues while you play FREE Texas Hold'em Poker with The Poker Pub and THANKS for helping make us the "Premiere" FREE Poker League in the Southwest! 
The "APRIL ALL IN" Heads Up Tournament starts on April 14th and will end with the FINAL FOUR on May 2nd & 4th.
 Open the attachment below to view the bracket and find out who and where you are playing. NOTE: You will need to use the back button on your browser to return to this page.  The bracket has the date and location of the venue that you will be playing at in the opening rounds.

Heads up  

Players MUST be at the venue no later than 7PM on the date scheduled to play. NO EXCEPTIONS.  
This is a one and done tournament just like the NCAA Basketball tournament.  There are a few minor twists though.  Instead of just one heads up game against your opponent each "game" will be the best 2 out of 3.  Whichever player wins 2 games first advances to the next round.  If you have any questions about the event talk to Jeff at one of his games or send us an email to info@thepokerpub.com.
The WINNER of the APRIL ALL IN tournament will earn the Championship Trophy along with a Trip to Vegas and a WSOP Cash Tournament Buy-In! 
GOOD LUCK/SKILL to everyone that qualified for this special event and THANK YOU for playing!

The next Vegas Trip Tournament is Monday, April 20th at RJ's Replays. The tournament starts at 6PM. This special event will be a DOUBLE STACK tournament with 8,000 starting chips.

You will receive 1,000 extra chips for each additional ticket!
NOTE: The tickets ARE transferrable! If you can't make it you can give your seat to a friend! (You can only use ONE ticket that was given to you by another player for entry into the tournament and NOT
for extra starting chips.)
The WINNER of this event will receive a *TRIP TO LAS VEGAS!!!! GOOD LUCK and don't forget to ..."GO ALL IN!"
*Trip includes round trip travel and lodging for one person for 2 nights! Some restrictions and blackout dates apply.
The owner of Famous Sam's Restaurant & Sports Bar (Ruthrauff Rd.) is donating $100 to our Poker Players on Saturday, April 4th!  He would like to thank ALL of you for playing at his venue and wants to compensate you for the inconvenience of having to cancel games recently due to the Wildcats playing in the NCAA Tournament.  Everyone that spends at least $20 on Saturday will be eligible for the drawing!  Poker Tournaments start at 2 & 5PM on Saturday.  Come out and try one of the famous "Samwiches" and enjoy your favorite beverages while you play!  
PLEASE NOTE: Due to the NCAA Basketball Tournament Finals on Monday, April 6th there will be no games at RJ's Replays.  Please check the Calendar page for other Monday games.  RJ's Replays is a great place to watch the games with lots of TV's including3 big screens!  Great food, amazing staff, and plenty of cold beer on tap!
Happy Easter!
We are hosting the 3rd Annual Easter Egg Hunt at R Place Bar & Grill on Easter Sunday, April 5th.  FREE Texas Hold'em Poker Tournaments are at 12:30 & 3PM.  We will have the egg hunt between games.  There will be many great prizes in the eggs including a seat at Nationals!  
Come out to R Place and celebrate Easter with your Poker Pub family!  Try some of the great food and enjoy your favorite beverages while you play!  We hope you all have a safe and HAPPY EASTER! 
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