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To commemorate one of the most iconic pieces of old west history, we will be hosting a special O.K. Corral Showdown tournament on the 133rd anniversary of the event.  The Showdown at the O.K. Corral took place on October 26th, 1881 at 3pm in Tombstone, Arizona.
Tombstone circa 1881
The O.K. Corral Showdown Tournament will be held at R Place Bar & Grill on Sunday, October 26th at 3PM.  We will be awarding 5 silver dollars including one from 1881 at this event!  We would like to thank Peter Spooner the owner of American Stamp & Coin Company for donating these great prizes!  We will also be awarding the WINNER with a nights lodging in historic Tombstone!  For more information about Tombstone visit www.tombstonechamber.com.  

The Poker Pub of Tucson Fantasy Poker League Standings through October 4th:

1. David's POKER CHAMPIONS 1279 points

2. Jimmy's Top Guns 1273 points
3. Jeff's El Jefes' 1120 points
4. Marlon's TNP 951 points
5. Shana's The Nuts 861 points
6. Brian's CRUISE CONTROL 851 points
7. Bryan's ALL IN 787 points
8. Justin's ADMIRAL ACKBARS 685points
9. Tracey's TEAM TRACEY 559 points

For individual player results OPEN the attachment below.

Anthony and Una
 Una Byrnes and Anthony Llamas
Congratulations to Anthony Llamas, the WINNER of our latest Vegas Trip Tournament!  This special event was held at R Place Bar & Grill.  Anthony will be taking his trip to Vegas during the 2015 National Tournament of Champions!  We would like to thank everyone that qualified and participated in this event!  We would also like to thank R Place for hosting this event and ALL of our Venues for hosting our games!
Shana and Linda
Linda Dryja has joined the 100,000 Point Club!  We will be celebrating this milestone tonight at Famous Sam's (Pima & Alvernon) at 6 & 9PM!  Beverly Calk (another member of the 100,000 point club is bringing the cake and baloons!  Come out and help us celebrate with the other members of the 100,000 point club, Peter Spooner and Gary Anderson. Congratulations Linda! Thanks for being such a loyal supporter of The Poker Pub and our host venues! 
RJs Replays 
We are pleased to announce that RJ's Replays (located at 5769 E. Speedway) has joined The Poker Pub of Tucson!  RJ's Replays will host games EVERY MONDAY at 6 & 9PM starting on October 20th.
 RJ's Replays is THE place to watch your favorite teams with 38 Taps including 30 Craft beers, ALL the sports packages with 32 TV's including 2 big screens, New NTN Trivia tablets, 2 pool tables and 2 VIP seating areas!  Make sure you try some of the GREAT Pub Style handcrafted menu items!
Join us for Monday Night Football and Poker at RJ's Replays to find out how you can WIN a Recliner Chair and other great prizes!
 To kick off this venue we will be awarding the WINNER of each session with $50 CASH ($100 per night) and DOUBLE POINTS for the first 2 weeks!

The Poker Pub of Tucson Fantasy Poker League Standings through September 20th:

1. Jimmy's TOP GUNS 765 points
2. David's POKER CHAMPIONS 756 points
3. Jeff's El Jefes' 608 points
4. Marlon's TNP 578 points
5. Shana's The Nuts 517 points
6. Brian's CRUISE CONTROL 509 points
7. Bryan's ALL IN 460 points
8. Justin's ADMIRAL ACKBARS 377 points
9. Tracey's TEAM TRACEY 314 points

For individual player results OPEN the attachment below.


The next Vegas Trip Tournament is Sunday, October 5th at R Place.  The tournament starts at 3PM. This special event will be a DOUBLE STACK tournament with 8,000 starting chips.

You will receive 1,000 extra chips for each additional ticket!
NOTE: The tickets ARE transferrable! If you can't make it you can give your seat to a friend! (You can only use ONE ticket that was given to you by another player for entry into the tournament and NOT
for extra starting chips.)
The WINNER of this event will receive a *TRIP TO LAS VEGAS!!!! GOOD LUCK and don't forget to ..."GO ALL IN!"

*Trip includes round trip travel and lodging for one person for 2 nights! Some restrictions and blackout dates apply.

Mr 200000
Peter Spooner is the first Poker Pub Player to reach the 200,000 point milestone!  GREAT JOB Mr. 200,000! 
Gary Anderson
Gary Anderson has reached 100,000 points!  Great job Gary!
Please make sure you congratulate them when you see them at the games!  Both of these players are loyal supporters of The Poker Pub and our host venues!  CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU for playing!   

The Poker Pub of Tucson Fantasy Poker League Standings:

1. Jimmy's TOP GUNS 269 points
2. David's POKER CHAMPIONS 239 points
3. Marlon's TNT 215 points
4. Shana's THE NUTS 214 points
5. Jeff's EL JEFES' 185 points
6. Brian's CRUISE CONTROL 174 points
7. Bryan's ALL IN 161 points
8. Justin's ADMIRAL ACKBARS 144 points
9. Tracey's TEAM TRACEY 121 points

For individual player results OPEN the attachment below. 

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